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"Energetic, primal, imaginative, fun!"


- Dom

"Controlled mayhem. Structured chaos. Bloody brilliant fun and beautiful people. Dani is one of the best teachers I’ve come across."

- Georgia Lawrence

"My absolute favourite workshop in recent years. Felt decluttered, light, energised, complete, calm and happy at the end. Love love love"

- Kerry Stevenson

"Dani is able to create a real friendly, safe and joyful atmosphere. She will tickle your inner child, nurture him, stretch him, make him sing, dance and play; make him open his heart, eyes, and arms to life such, that he becomes way too alive to be ever ignored, forgotten or sent away, never again. I'll definitely keep him with me now! Thank you Dani"

- Elliot Tardieu

"Brilliant event, Dani was a wonderful facilitator and the space was really open, warm and comfortable."

- Nym K.

"An excellent session, facilitated with kindness and skill by Dani. Well thought out exercises and adapted to the people who were there. I would recommend this workshop, and I would attend another if it were offered."


- Gerry

"This workshop (Wild Play Lab) has opened my eyes to new creative possibilities in my life. Thank you so much for providing me with a space to be vulnerable and play amongst some lovely people!!"

- Beth. C

"Most fun workshop I've been to in AGES"

- Ola. F

"Great fun experience playfully exploring being a human. Dani was a great facilitator guiding us through the activities always making us feel really safe to explore. Look forward to coming again."

- Matt K

"Once again Dani created a safe and vibrant space where a group of strangers could play together and discover the creative power of sheer silly fooling."


- Gerry C



"Its a super safe space with a diverse crowd to explore and feel comfortable with exploring self expression. Important for everyone who'd like to build confidence and explore improvisation and experimentation"

- Thomas E.

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