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An exploratory play space for the intutive creative self to emerge using acting methodology, improvisation, movement and clowning.  These sessions are usually  3 hours long  from 11am - 2pm on Saturday. They are for anyone and everyone! Wild Play Lab attracts people from all walks of life and thats what makes it such a beautiful  unique experience. Collectively we will create a safe place in which to discover possibilities, become involved, absorbed, explore and take risk to whatever degree we chose together and individually. When the atmosphere is right we will recapture something of the playfulness, freshness and spontaneity that serves perfect for our inner child to play

*Warning - Lots of laughter & stupidness*


Bespoke lab sessions for your team or workplace

Having a group of employees who have a greater sense of belonging and a stronger connection to their peers, helps to produce better results in both situations. Get in touch to find out how Wild Play Lab can work with you.

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The real play experts 

For children aged 4 - 12 years. Customised workshops that allow kids to develop and explore their soft and interpersonal skills in a creative and engaging way.


To bring out their potential!

For youths aged 13 - 19 years. Similar to the aims of the children's workshops with more devising, acting and exploring of various themes and text.


121 or small focus groups

These sessions are designed to fire up your imagination, melt away judgment and to access a state of flow using voice, text and movement. These sessions are useful for actors and non actors who wish to work on articulation, voice activation, freeing the body and releasing tension.

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